Das Pferd macht sich mit dem Balance Pad vertraut

Our balance pads for horses

Features & Benefits of Nørsholm Pads

Mit den Balance-Pads können gezielte Übungen durchgeführt werden, um die Muskeln des Pferdes zu stärken

The Nørsholm pads

Tailor-made solution for effective horse training

During our intensive research and observations in equestrian sport, we noticed that a large number of the available balance pads did not meet the specific requirements of horses. This insight made us develop innovative pads that are specifically aimed at improving the horses' natural balance and mobility.

What makes the Nørsholm pads special?

About balance pads in general

Balance pads are basically unstable pads that continuously cause the horse to actively balance by creating an imbalance. Many physiotherapists and end users swear by training with balance pads and report possible positive effects such as the following due to the wide range of applications :

Improving sense of balance and coordination by activating the deep muscles and the proprioceptive system

Better balancing and more stability , e.g. with a positive effect on driving in a trailer or giving hooves

Relaxation of the muscles and release of tension, allowing also more effective treatment through physiotherapists

Improved surefootedness & better body feeling

Strengthening the horse's self-confidence

Strengthening the bond between rider and horse through joint body and ground work

About the Nørsholm pads

Our balance pads were developed exclusively with the aim of enabling effective and species-appropriate horse training. Many available and frequently used comparison products are not ideally tailored to the needs and characteristics of horses or even come from the human sector.

In contrast to many other pads available, the shape of our balance pads is optimally adapted to the shape of the hoof. In order to have an evenly distributed pressure on the pad, it must be round.

In addition, the shape of our Nørsholm pads makes it easier for the user to position the hoof on the pads and to position two hooves in parallel, but independently of each other. This is much more difficult or sometimes not possible at all with large, rectangular comparison products.

No matter whether your horse is already experienced or not - the hardness of the Nørsholm pads is set so that the pads are suitable for beginners and professionals and is aimed at a wide range of applications.

However, further versions for further individualized training are already in development - so don't miss out on signing up for the newsletter & finding out about product updates.

Some horses react sensitively to bright colors and may therefore refuse balance training on conspicuous surfaces. With our Nørsholm gray we counteract this, take away the fear of affected horses and make it easier for them to start training with the neutral color.

To ensure pleasant and safe training and to minimize the risk of injury, not only on wet autumn days, our balance pads have a structured, non-slip surface.

Since the Nørsholm package includes 2 pads, you can immediately move on to more advanced training with 2 pads with your horse after the first orientation phase with just one pad.

The two individual pads also allow particularly variable training of different hoof combinations - e.g. front left + right rear - because you always have one pad per hoof available. This is not possible with large, rectangular comparison products, as only parallel hooves can be positioned on them at the same time.

Little hint: our product packaging is ideal for neatly storing the pads after the balance training with your horse. In addition, the box fits perfectly in your riding locker thanks to its compact size. This is not only sustainable, but also protects your closet from dirt and clutter.