Der Pferdehuf ist mittig auf dem Pad platziert

This is how balance training works with the Nørsholm pads

Instructions for use & instructions


Application only for horses up to a maximum body weight of 600 kg

Horseshoes, studs, duplos

Horseshoes, cleats, duplos or other pointed/sharp-edged attachments may damage the surface of the pads, so this type of use is not recommended.


After training, hoof marks can also be left on the pads of barefoot hoofs - this is normal and a normal wear and tear effect that can occur because the material should not be too hard for training at the same time. However, this does not affect the usability

No promise of healing

The use of the pads is always at your own risk and the seller expressly makes no promise of healing.


It should only be used after professional advice and not on sick animals.

Pay attention to your horse!

If the horse shows signs of discomfort during the training, it must be stopped immediately

Use for horses

The pad is not suitable for human use. Keep it out of the reach of children.


If necessary, the pad can be cleaned gently with a brush without using water.

Let's balance

But enough about the application - get on the pads & let's balance! Have fun & success with the training on our Nørsholm pads!

quick start guide

Das Pferd erkundet das Physio Pad in der Reithalle

1. Security & Trust

Choose a safe training location that is free of obstacles.

Place the Balance Pads on an even and non-slip surface . Make sure the pads lay stable and secure, to prevent slipping during exercise.

Gently guide your horse to the Balance Pads. First, let it get to know the pads and get used to them.

2. Place the hoof exactly centrally

Use the centrally printed logo as a guide to guide the hoof carefully and precisely to the middle of the pad.

VERY IMPORTANT! Don't let your horse put the hoof down until it hits the middle so the pressure is evenly distributed on the pad.

If your horse settles on the edge of the pad, this does not correspond to proper handling of the pads - potential damage to the pad cannot be avoided then.

Give your horse time to gradually get used to being on the pad. It may take a while for him to fully set the hoof down and rest calmly on it.

Das Balance Pad Pferd von Norsholm Equestrian unterstützt ein ganzheitliches Equestrian Balance Training

3. Control training intensity

At first, limit the training to one hoof and sessions of a few minutes a day.

Once your horse can safely balance on a pad, gradually increase the training time and add more pads as your horse becomes comfortable with them.

It is important to pay attention to the signals and reactions of your horse and to individualize the training accordingly.

Please remember: it can take several months for your horse to get used to the balance training and to be well balanced on the pads. So be patient with your horse - the way is the goal!