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Application & Benefits

Balance pads are basically unstable pads that continuously require the horse to actively balance by creating an imbalance. Many physiotherapists and end users swear by training with balance pads and report possible positive effects such as the following due to the wide range of applications :

Improving sense of balance and coordination by activating the deep muscles and the proprioceptive system

Better balancing and more stability , e.g. with a positive effect on driving in a trailer or giving hooves

Relaxation of the muscles and release of tension, allowing also more effective treatment through physiotherapists

Improved surefootedness & better body feeling

Strengthening the horse's self-confidence

Strengthening the bond between rider and horse through joint body and ground work

At the beginning of the training it is advisable to start with one single pad. Typically, many horses find it easiest to start with the front, left hoof. So place the hoof carefully on a pad and let your horse stay on it for a few minutes .

More pads can be added gradually over time. For example, you can place the two front hooves parallel on the pads. You can also start to increase the daily training time.

You can achieve the highest level of difficulty when all four hooves are placed on pads at the same time . You can also achieve a complex task with a “cross combination”, e.g. front left and rear right at the same time.

Gradually increasing intensity and complexity ensures your horse feels comfortable and confident while training, and improves his skills over time.

A tailor-made training concept in collaboration with a physiotherapist is always recommended to ensure that the training meets the horse's individual needs and training goals.

The training frequency depends on individual factors. Beginners can start with 2-3 training sessions for a few minutes per week, while advanced users can train daily with sessions of around 20 minutes. Breaks are important to allow the horse to recover, both physically and mentally.

Individual needs and health status should always be taken into account when planning training and a tailor-made training program with an expert is always recommended.

To ensure that your horse is ready for training with Balance Pads, it should be fully grown and sufficiently developed, both mentally and physically. Age alone is not the deciding factor, as horses of the same age can be developed differently. Some basic training and experience in ground work is recommended.

As a horse owner, you know your horse best and should simply observe how it reacts to this form of training when you start training. If your horse shows signs of being overwhelmed or unwell, training should be temporarily paused. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to consult your physical therapist to determine whether balance training can be started already.

Balance pads can generally be suitable for horses of all breeds and sizes. However, application depends on factors such as age, health, training goals, experience level and individual needs of the horse, as these aspects can vary significantly.

A tailor-made training program in collaboration with a veterinarian or equine physiotherapist can help to individualize the training in a targeted manner.

The pads can also be useful for horses with health problems or injuries, provided they are used in consultation with a professional. Depending on the health problem, you can then check whether this form of training is suitable. The pads should not be used on sick horses beforehand!

Balance pads are often used on horses in the rehabilitation phase after injuries, but also as a preventative measure to prevent injuries .

The usage should always be carefully monitored and continually adapted to the horse's individual needs.

Here are some tips for using balance pads and be sure to check out our instructions for use here before you start training

  • Consider your horse’s individual needs and health status.
  • Consult an animal physical therapist or veterinarian to develop a customized exercise program.
  • Maintain safety by placing the pads on a flat, dry surface.
  • Start with just one pad and a few minutes per day, especially as a beginner.
  • During training, observe your horse for signs of discomfort and if this occurs, pause the training.
  • Increase the level of difficulty, training intensity and duration gradually.
  • Plan enough breaks to give your horse the necessary physical and mental recovery.
  • Be patient and continually reward your horse to create positive training experiences.


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