Team Norsholm

Our journey.

Hey, we are Lisa & Morten, the founders of
We are so happy that you are interested in our Nørsholm pads.

Wir starten das Training mit den Balance Pads

How did we come up with the idea of 'balance pads for horses'?

Hey, we're Lisa & Morten, the founders of NØRSHOLM EQUESTRIAN®. Thank you so much for trusting our Nørsholm balance pads!

Our journey began when we realized that there were no balance pads specifically tailored to the needs of horses. In addition, even balance pads developed for humans were often used in balance training with horses, what we regarded as a total mismatch. The more we researched about it, the more we understood the need of a tailor-made horse pad and started to follow our vision of a horse-specific and effective balance pad for horse training.

After a long development period and numerous considerations about material, size, degree of hardness and much more, we would now like to introduce you to the Nørsholm pads - perfectly tailored to the needs of your horse.


Your feedback

I use the pads on my customer horses. Also suitable for horses that have difficulty relaxing or, for example, horses that struggle with arthrosis in their limbs. These horses in particular are often skeptical and unsettled at the beginning and then realize that they can let themselves go. Customers who have their own pads from other brands and then start using Nørsholm's see the high quality of their pads. Thank you for your support of my work.

Julia Beuth (animal physiotherapist)