Ein Balance-Pad liegt auf mehreren gestapelten Pads, die wiederum Stabilität vermitteln

Let's start with the horse balance training.

Let's Balance.

Das Balance Pad Pferd von Norsholm Equestrian unterstützt ein ganzheitliches Equestrian Balance Training

Balance pad horse


Our balance pads for horses are designed to take your horse's training to the next level and have proven to be a valuable tool in ground and body work. Our high quality Nørsholm pad focuses on balance, coordination and stability and also provides solid support for developing the bond between rider and horse. Developed together with physiotherapists & end users and carefully tailored to the needs of horses, our pad enables a versatile range of applications.

Let's rock the stable everyday life together.

Thank you for your interest in our Nørsholm pads.
We hope that we will soon be able to accompany you and your horse during training sessions. We are sure - together we will have some fun & relaxing ground exercises. With our innovative Balance Pad, bodywork becomes even more effective and versatile.

Das Nørsholm Pad im Überblick
Das Nørsholm Pad im Überblick

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Die Pads unterstützen die natürliche Pferdebalance beim Training.

Balance pad horse